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Teasing Consult

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Teasing Consult - an Eye for People

Dear visitor, welcome to our website. 

We at Teasing Consult consider human capital to be most important.  This is why we have oriented ourselves explicitly towards soft skills in the broadest sense possible. 

Through our personalized approach, we guarantee to improve the productivity and the efficiency of your employees and management.  Everybody knows that statistics can prove it all; however it is the ‘emo-barometer’ that defines the level of acceptance or resistance.

Our experience taught us that attaining and improving your level of soft skills have a direct positive influence and therefore enhance positive results.

Our personalized approach is based on 3 pillars and is applicable to employees as well as managers, individuals as well as teams.

Interested ? Let us know and find out for yourself... 

We have an eye for you ! 

The Teasing Consult Team